Best Money Earning Apps in India

Now that you are clear about the concept of money earning apps and where to find them, it is time to know more. Here are 15 of the best money earning apps in India for you to use. Online Income Apps in Bangladesh 2022 – Earn Money Free

✔️💲1) Dream 11

Dream 11 is a fantasy gaming platform with games for multiple sports like cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball. The Fantasy Cricket game from Dream 11 requires you to select users to build fantasy teams of cricketers competing in a specific event. You receive points based on how your selected players perform in the real matches.

Points are computed after the game, and you can compare your performance to that of other players in the league. The winning amount at the end of each game is deposited into your bank account.

✔️💲2) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. This app is truly one of the best money earning apps in India. The app presents you with surveys that you need to complete. The money you earn from surveys goes to your wallet. It is a good way to get money in your free time.

✔️💲3) Meesho

Among India’s best money earning apps, here is an app that helps you sell products online. You can choose the product of your choice and promote it on social media. If sold, your share of the profit is credited to you.

✔️💲4) CashBuddy

This handy app has many ways to help you earn money. You can watch a YouTube video to earn money or choose the referral path to get money. All the money you earn gets credited to your PayTM wallet.

✔️💲5) Roz Dhan

Among India’s best money earning apps, this is an interesting app that helps you earn money daily. The app gives you different ways to earn money, like reading the news, playing games, or doing surveys. The money goes to your PayTM wallet that you can redeem later.

✔️💲6) MooCash

MooCash allows you to earn up to $5 per day. Watch videos, play games, and fill in surveys to earn money. You can get the money in the form of cash or else get it as recharge vouchers. You can even earn in cryptocurrency from this app.

✔️💲7) Wonk

This is one of India’s best money earning apps that allows you to use your skills to earn money. If you like to teach, then you can tutor students online and earn money. You can earn anywhere from 250 to 1000 per hour of tutoring.

✔️💲8) Loco

Loco is a gaming app that allows you to earn money. You can play games through this app and watch others play games. Live streaming of games is the source of revenue for this app. You can also earn money by winning quizzes.

✔️💲9) UserFeel

Websites love to get users to test their user interface and user experience. You can use this app to assess the strengths of different websites and earn money. There are various tests you can carry out and earn up to $10 per site. Payment is through PayPal.

✔️💲10) mCent

mCent browser is one of the best money earning apps in India that helps you earn money from referrals. There are easy tasks to be done. These help you earn money. You can also earn mobile recharges. The app sends your money to your PayTM account.

✔️💲11) Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League is a skill-based eSports platform where users can play their favorite mobile games and win real cash. MPL allows you to earn money from tournaments, 1:1 battles, and fantasy sports similar to Dream 11’s format.

✔️💲12) GooglePay

This is one of the best money earning apps in India that is highly popular. Its rewards section allows you to get coupons to earn money. You can use this app on iOS and Android. You can use this app to transfer money and transact online while earning rewards.

✔️💲13) U Speak We Pay

This is an interesting way to earn money. Select any of the Indian languages and speak out what you see on the screen. When you finish reading the text, you are given money. The money you earn can go to your account.

✔️💲14) Cointiply

Here is an app that allows you to earn Bitcoins and Dodge. It is simple to earn money from this app. Take part in surveys, watch ads, play games, and install apps to earn money. There are also attractive loyalty bonuses available.

✔️💲15) Slide

This is one of the best money earning apps in India that is extremely simple to use. You slide to unlock your phone, and that’s it! You can earn money! Unlock your mobile screen to get a chance to win money. Available for the Android app, the money you earn goes to your PayTM account.

The best money earning apps in India listed in this article are all tested out and have been found to help earn money. These apps are easy to install and simple to use. You can start trying out these apps and start earning money. Use these apps and make your dream of earning money online come true.


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