Google Hosting Price – Google Hosting

Google Hosting Price – Google Hosting

Google Hosting Price – Google Hosting Google Cloud web hosting allows you to create and customize your own package with a vast array of virtual machine, storage, and other software options. It’s one for the tech-savvy.


  • Customizable hosting
  • Integrate other Google Cloud services


  • Limited tech support unless you pay for it
  • Need good understanding of the options before you start

If you’re looking to create your own website, you’ll need to think about the best web hosting (opens in new tab) service for you. A web host is a service provider that stores the files needed to to run your website, including images, videos, and code, and Google Cloud (opens in new tab) web hosting is part of the wider Google Cloud platform.

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This is a complex ecosystem that can require a bit of technical know-how to navigate. However, if you’ve got the skills and want to harness the power of Google’s multi-faceted Cloud platform, this ould be the hosting choice for you.

Google Cloud web hosting: Plans and pricing

Google Hosting Price - Google Hosting
Google Hosting Price – Google Hosting


Google Cloud web hosting is part of the wider Google Cloud platform. It has a pay-as-you-use structure, so cost depends on what you need, and a pricing calculator (opens in new tab)helps users to figure out what their preferred option will cost.

To create your website, you can start with Google Domains (opens in new tab), where you can purchase your domain name. The price depends on the popularity of the website name and the top-level domain (.com, .org, etc.) you choose. For example, ‘’ costs $12 a year, and ‘’ is $60.

You then need to set up a virtual machine (VM), an operating system that runs on cloud-based software rather than hardware. You can use Google Cloud’s calculator to work out how much your data requirements will cost.

To host your site’s files, you also need to pay for cloud storage. The price depends on how much data you need to store and your network usage. It can also depend on the server location you select. As an example, simply storing your data (at rest) on the Iowa server costs $0.020 per GB a month, plus extra for network usage.

If all of this sounds complicated, you might prefer a click-to-deploy option, such as WordPress (opens in new tab). This bundles your VM and storage. After purchasing your domain, you can create your site in WordPress and then deploy onto the Google Cloud for hosting.

The estimated cost for this is $52.34 a month for the VM and 10GB cloud storage (opens in new tab) at $0.48 a month. You can then get a sustained use discount of up to 30% if you use your VM for more than 25% of each month. New users of the Google Cloud platform also get $300 of free credits to trial the products they choose.

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