Paragraph on Book Fair

Paragraph on Book Fair A book fair is an exhibition of books where various books and novels are sold and purchased. Book lovers and authors from different places come here for their own purposes. The book fair is a popular trend and is conducted every year.

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Last year I visited a book fair where I come across a book namely “Wings of fire”. I purchased that book without thinking a second thought because this book is an autobiography of The Missile Man of India- Dr A P J Abdul Kalam. Later, when I read this book I realised that I did not make a wrong decision by purchasing this book.

A book fair is organised by authors. They showcase their newly published books and old books as well. This is the most awaited event for authors because they get a chance to monetize their hard work. You will find a range of different genres such as drama, stories, novels, spirituality, philosophy, health, wealth etc.

The most noteworthy thing about a book fair is book lovers get a chance to see a range of books in a single place. This is an event where teachers, students and educated people gather to find their next book. It is an important part of education. It boosts our knowledge and shapes our personality.

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Paragraph on Book Fair

I am also a book lover so I never afford to miss the opportunity to visit a book fair. Most books that I have purchased, are bought from a book fair. I personally read books in health, wealth and relationship genres. I feel that books can improve your thought process and aligns it in the right direction.

Book fair holds a traditional value. Nowadays it has become a traditional festival in Bangladesh. On every occasion, it is organized all over the country. The biggest book fair is held during the month of February. It is considered to be the most popular and gorgeous book fair. It is held in the premises of the Bangla Academy for the whole month of February in memory of the martyrs during the Language Movement.

Apart from “Ekushey Boi Mela”, a lot of different small and big book fairs are held all over the country. A book fair plays a significant role in building up a more knowledgeable and cultured nation. In a book fair, many small and big stalls are organized. They are filled with thousands of books. They are decorated very nicely. Bookstalls stand in a row and are beautifully organized and well furnished. An enormous number of book lovers with diverse tastes and cultures visit book fairs every year.

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Paragraph on Book Fair

Moreover, many poets and writers also visit book fairs. Every book lovers’ dreamland is a book fair. It is a perfect place to meet their favorite writers. People usually buy a lot of books for book fairs. A book fair also has a place for public reading. New writers launch their book at a book fair which helps them gain more recognition. Book fairs are not only places to buy and sell books. They also hold special cultural values.

Paragraph on Book Fair
Paragraph on Book Fair

Besides displaying books in book fairs, there are stalls that sell various DVDs of various music such as Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, different folk music, and many more. Furthermore, one can also find different food stalls in a book fair. These food stalls sell traditional snacks. Parents can take their children to a book fair to make them more familiar with their culture. One can learn a lot about their nation’s culture, history, and traditions from book fairs.

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Usually, in book fairs, various ranges of books are displayed. Starting from kids’ books, cooking books, different history books, popular novels, books in different languages can be found there. Furthermore, some book fairs also organize different cultural programs as well as different types of exhibitions. The main purpose of a book fair is not only to sell books but it also offers a rare scope to evaluate the advancements that are made in the process of book publications.

A book fair is an amazing fair where different types of books are displayed for show-off and sale. A book fair is usually held in January and February
throughout the country in different places. The biggest book fair “Ekushe Boi Mela” is held in February on the occasion of 21st February. It is organized by Bangla Academy on the Bangla Academy campus and Suhrawardy Uddan. The purpose of a book fair is not mainly for selling books. A book fair helps to develop the publication of books, inspires new writers, and creates interest for books among general people. Books are also sold at a cheaper rate than the usual rate for inspiring people to buy more books. All types of visitors gather at a book fair.

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A book fair is a kind of fair where different types of books are displayed for sale. Book fair is now held in every city and town too. It has recently become very popular in our country. People go to the fair to find their desired books. In Bangladesh, a book fair is arranged on the occasion of 21 February, 16 December, 26th March and Bangla New Year. The fair is held in an open place or in auditorium or in a big hall-room. In our country, the largest book fair is held on the premises of Bangla Academy on the occasion of 21st February, All kinds of books such as fiction, drama, poetry, novel, biography, translation, children literature, story books etc.

People from all walks of life visit the fair. People who are book lovers come to the fair to buy books and to enjoy the fair. Young boys and girls gather here to find out books of their favourite authors. They buy books to present their near and dear ones and for themselves. From the interest and participation of people, the popularity of book fair in our country can be realised. A book fair bears great importance. It creates a sense of interest for books among the general people. It is really an exceptional place.
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