ReclaiMe RAID Recovery

ReclaiMe RAID Recovery RAID recovery is required when the array cannot be fully mounted. In this case, the RAID parameters need to be reconstructed from a single array member disk.

Previously, you either had to find some expensive RAID recovery software, or send RAID to a data recovery lab that was even more expensive.

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Now you have the possibility to recover free RAID parameters using ReclaiMe free RAID recovery software that lets you determine the parameters of a RAID 0, RAID 0 + 1 or 1 + 0, and RAID 5, then recover the array parameters in the ReclaiMe file. And data recovery.

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery array works with both physical disk and disk image files of the member disk. ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery sets the following parameters:

Start offset on the disk where the RAID data starts,

  • Block size,
  • Disk order,
  • Parity positioning and rotation for RAID 5,
  • Synchronity / asynchronity for RAID 5.

Just like ReclaiMe, ReclaiMe free RAID recovery is as easy to use as possible and uses advanced RAID reconstruction algorithms. This allows you to save RAID recovery results in one of the following ways:

Run ReclaiMe to recover data.
Save the layout to the file (RAID XML).
Create an array image file.
Write array on disk.
Get detailed instructions on how to use the results with other data recovery software.

ReclaiMe can now work in RAID recovery mode. RAID recovery mode can be activated in two ways:

ReclaiMe RAID Recovery
ReclaiMe RAID Recovery

ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery does this automatically when you click ReclaiMe Run to recover data after setting the array parameters.
Select the loaded RAID XML file under Disk in the ReclaiMe toolbar.

You can download ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery and visit this site to read more information about RAID Recovery Specification –

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