Best Video Editing Software for Mac

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is our best video editing software. This is a video editing program used by professionals around the world, thanks to its user-friendly interface and best-in-class feature set. However, due to its price (Premier Pro starts at $ 20.99 per month), it is best for those who plan to do a lot of video editing and some people may find Premier Elements 2022 (below) a better fit.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software and Apps 2022

2. Best From Hobbyist to Pro: Final Cut Pro

Apple Final Cut Pro X is a full-powered video editor that gives you pro-level tools but at a very affordable one-off price. It does this while also remaining easy to use with a minimal design, as you’d expect from Apple, but also with lots of tutorials to welcome beginners. From 4K and HDR editing to 360-degree video manipulation, this does it all. It also does it fast with lots of power which will take full advantage of a more well equipped hardware setup. The timeline editing style isn’t traditional, which can take a bit of getting used to but once you do, this allows you to enjoy a fast workflow without sacrificing features.

Apple offers a free 90-day trial so you can see if this one is up your alley before you dive all the way in.

3. Most Accessible Apple editor: Apple iMovie

If you really want to start editing videos on your Mac or even your iPhone or iPad, the easiest way is to get Apple iMovie. It’s Apple’s free video editing software, and it runs on both Mac OS and iOS platforms, so you can edit videos wherever you go. For amateur and amateur filmmakers, Apple iMovie will have accessible tools to help you easily capture your footage and edit a video with a clear stream. You’ll be able to combine multiple video files, layer different video and audio tracks, and add title screens to your video without any hassle. It even has some special effects, including video filters and picture-in-picture. The latest version of Apple iMovie supports 4K video editing, maintaining the trend of video. So, all the 4K videos you capture on your iPhone can be turned into a movie on iMovie. If you haven’t done video editing before, this is a good place to start before moving on to more serious software.

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4. Easiest-to-Use Cross-Platform Editor: Adobe Premiere Elements 2022

Adobe Premiere Elements 2022 sounds almost like that. This is a stripe-down version of Premier Pro software. This makes it a bit less capable, and new features don’t roll out constantly, but it does serve as an easily accessible video editing software for those who are just starting out. And, without the subscription model, you can pay for the software once and you’re set. If you are an amateur just starting video editing, and especially if you do not plan to go pro, then Premier Elements 2022 will be a great pick for you. While Premier Elements gives you plenty of tools to combine multiple video, image, and audio files into one complete video, it does have some tools to help you create better videos if you are not already a conscientious editor. Also, the software is available for both Mac and PC. Premier Elements 2022 helps you organize the files you will use in your video and it can guide you through the process from start to finish. This will allow you to add some fun little effects to spice up your video. And, over time, it supports 4K video. It uses Adobe Sensei AI technology to automatically re-frame your subject with the most important actions within the frame. We all love to share on social media, and Premier Elements now lets you easily edit and export your videos in a social-friendly vertical or square format without losing content. You can add motion captions, mats and backgrounds designed for non-horizontal videos.

5. Best Open-Source Software: Shotcut

Shotcut is a versatile free video editing software available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Once you cross the somewhat steep learning curve, you can do a lot with the shotcut. And, since it’s free software, you have the option to see if you like it without paying a dime. Shortcut is a multi-format editing software like any other serious software, and you can easily rearrange the workspace to suit your editing needs. Shotcut supports a variety of file types for both input and output, including 4K video. Also, you can edit audio, color and lighting effects in the shotcut. While Shortcut is not the easiest software to select and start editing videos, the nature of being a free software means that lots of people are using it and creating incredibly helpful tutorial videos or guides on how to use it. And, if you want an easily portable option, shortcut it, since you can run it directly from an external storage drive.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac
Best Video Editing Software for Mac

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