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Web Hosting 4 Life WebHost4Life.com offers a variety of hosting options, ranging from shared hosting plans to small virtual private servers. Similar to many web hosts, WebHost4Life offers ‘100% green’ hosting, starting at a very affordable rate, and provides a selection of tools to give individuals and small businesses a head start when it comes to setting up and designing their websites. However, considering the limited specifications, some of WebHost4Life’s plans do not deliver great value for money, and there is nothing here above what is offered for less from other companies.

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Shared Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting, WebHost4Life.com provides four packages: three for Windows hosting, and one for Unix. The Unix plan is quite good value for money, and comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage, so you can grow your site as you need to. However, there are some limits to what you can achieve with the hosting’s features, and so many users will prefer to opt for Windows hosting. The Basic Windows Hosting, however, offers very limited functionality, with no MS SQL databases, no website builder, and other missing features. Whilst it is very cheap, comparable packages elsewhere offer considerably more management and design tools, and are likely to offer more impressive specifications. Moving further up, even the Advanced Windows plan does not offer a free domain name, which is rare for a shared hosting plan in this price range. In fact, to get full functionality with everything thrown in, you need to go for the company’s top shared hosting plan, costing you over $20 a month, several times what you might pay at a more reasonable site. Web Hosting 4 Life

However, there are some benefits to Host4Life’s shared packages. The standout features here are the marketing tools and eCommerce options, which will give your business a boost as you set it up. Free ad credits are normal with most shared hosting accounts, but WebHost4Life goes even further, offering marketing advice, free search engine optimization and more. When it comes to setting up your online store, a choice of shopping carts and simple PayPal integration will also help to make life a lot easier. These are all nice features, but you have to ask yourself whether they are worth the extra cost. Web Hosting 4 Life

VPS Hosting

WebHost4Life only offers one VPS hosting option, and as such is probably not going to be the host of choice for many small businesses looking for this service. Flexibility is an important feature when it comes to choosing a virtual private server, and the ability to customize the server to your needs is invaluable. With WebHost4Life, this simply is not possible. Although they offer some top security features, and boast good reliability, these are not enough to make up for what is missing. The enhanced support on offer is a bonus, but nothing that you would not expect from any virtual private server plan at this cost. Web Hosting 4 Life

Best Web Hosting 2022
Best Web Hosting 2022

WebHost4Life’s hosting plans do not lack anything major, but equally they do not offer much beyond the basics. Although they are likely to be perfectly adequate for most website owners, we see no reason to settle for ‘adequate’ when you can get great hosting for half the cost from other companies. Web Hosting 4 Life

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